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Open Source Cloud Solutions

There are open source cloud enablers which can help us to create private clouds or clouds that can be resold to clients. These products implement APIs compatible to AWS, RackSpace etc and are inter operable.


Eucalyptus as an open source software platform is compatible with Amazon's AWS. It can move workloads between AWS and the data center without modifying the code that implements them. Eucalyptus also works with most of the currently available Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), openSUSE, Debian and Fedora. Similarly, Eucalyptus can use a variety of virtualization technologies including VMware, Xen, and KVM to implement the cloud abstractions it supports.

Eucalyptus Feature Highlights:

  • Support for Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, and EBS).
  • Includes Walrus: an Amazon S3 interface-compatible storage manager.
  • Added support for elastic IP assignment.
  • Web-based interface for cloud configuration.
  • Image registration and image attribute manipulation.
  • Configurable scheduling policies and SLAs.
  • Support for multiple hypervisor technologies within the same cloud.


Abicloud is an open source infrastructure management software for public and private clouds. Like any other cloud abicloud focus on scalability, management, quick deployment of servers, storage networks, virtual network devices and other applications.

Abicloud mainly features

  • Login & Dashboard
  • User Management: Manage users,Sessions,organizations, hard and soft limits
  • Infrastructure management: Manage physical datacenters,racks/physical machines
  • Appliance repository: Manage physical repository, virtual Images,public repositories, Private repositories for each enterprise
  • Virtual Appliances: Manage Virtual Data Center,Manage virtual appliances, Multi Datacenter and hypervisor environments


Case study

Cloud based Voip solution enjoying 50% increase in performance

"Our client who has multiple offices across the world was finding it difficult to implement a perfect VOIP solutions. We provided solutions that helped in avoiding call drops and transferring calls from geographical office to another".


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