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Archive for April, 2009

Amazon S3 organizer FF plugin error NS_ERRR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED

Today I encountered an error  NS_ERRR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED after installing Amazon S3 organizer in Firefox. It took me a while to figure out the exact problem and thought I will post it here. The fix is to give write permissions to the folders. Under UNIXes chmod 755 (ie, assigning read and write access will do the trick)

hope this two cents helps someone 🙂

Photos from the first Cloudcamp in India

Well, I know its too late but then the cloud has kept me too busy 😉 and this post is in draft mode for nearly a month now !

Let me share few photos from the first cloudcamp in India held on March 29th, 2009. The unconference was held in IIMB Bangalore. Read more…