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Photos from the first Cloudcamp in India

Well, I know its too late but then the cloud has kept me too busy 😉 and this post is in draft mode for nearly a month now !

Let me share few photos from the first cloudcamp in India held on March 29th, 2009. The unconference was held in IIMB Bangalore. Read more…

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

Amazon announced reserved instances and this is expected to give momentum to on demand or auto scaling architectures. Amazon also offers a reduced pricing for the reserved EC2 instances. There are 1 year to 3 year model pricing models and after making this one time payment hourly rates are reduced to $0.03 from $0.1 in the case of standard, small on demand instances. More information on pricing is here

It looks like Amazon will have to have announce data transfer rates along with computing time to pass on the real benefit of reserved instances to the end user.