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Resolving the degraded instance scenario of AWS ec2

There are times when you might receive certain warning messages from amazon.


We have noticed that one or more of your instances are running on a host degraded due to hardware failure.


The host needs to undergo maintenance and will be taken down. Your instances will be terminated at this point. We recommend that you launch replacement instances and start migrating to them.” Read more…

Root Partition Size Limitation for EC2 Instances on AWS Cloud

Eventhough  AWS is a great cloud computing service , it does have it’s own disadvantages . We are not going to discuss all of  them here but we will look into  one of them  .  If you have launched   EC2 instances  from Amazon Machine Images  ( AMI ) , you might have  seen that the size of the root partition ( / ) is only  10GB  for all  the instances . So to test if  we can have more than 10GB for  root partition ,  we tried  the following Read more…

Quick start with Elastic Load Balancer (ELB ) on EC2

Elastic Load Balancing ( ELB ) is an AWS load balancer service that is readily available for users who have signed up for AWS EC2 and s3 services . ELB is configured to automatically distribute incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances . Recently AWS has announced support for ELB to the AWS Management Console which will give users a simple, point-and-click web interface to create and configure load balancers for the AWS EC2 instances .

Below are the simple steps to configure ELB for webserver from the command line . Read more…

Amazon EC2 Boot From EBS

Amazon EC2 has  announced the ability to boot instances directly from Amazon EBS snapshots, providing significantly increased flexibility on how customers can manage their instances.Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) can now either be stored in Amazon S3 or as an Amazon EBS  snapshot. Read more…

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

Amazon announced reserved instances and this is expected to give momentum to on demand or auto scaling architectures. Amazon also offers a reduced pricing for the reserved EC2 instances. There are 1 year to 3 year model pricing models and after making this one time payment hourly rates are reduced to $0.03 from $0.1 in the case of standard, small on demand instances. More information on pricing is here

It looks like Amazon will have to have announce data transfer rates along with computing time to pass on the real benefit of reserved instances to the end user.

IBM application servers on AWS

IBM and Amazon announced that they have teamed up to provide cloud computing solutions. With the announced now Amazon will be able to provide IBMs application servers in their cloud computing environment. Amazon is already proving Microsoft Winodws AMIs in their EC2 instances. With the solutions like IBM DB2, Informix, Webshephere flavours and Lotus Web content management solution both IBM and Amazon has strengthened their offerings in cloud computing offerings. Time will tell what Gogrid & Google AppEngine has in store to compete with AWS