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Resolving “rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred” on ec2-bundle-vol in an aws ec2 instance

This article explains how to resolve some of the common errors that you may encounter when bundling an AMI ( Amazon Machine Image) of an AWS EC2 instance. It is indeed a very good practice bundling your AMI frequently as the latest updates of your app gets stored directly to S3. So even if your instance gets crashed you can launch another instance of your latest ami and get your site back live in minutes!.
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Root Partition Size Limitation for EC2 Instances on AWS Cloud

Eventhough  AWS is a great cloud computing service , it does have it’s own disadvantages . We are not going to discuss all of  them here but we will look into  one of them  .  If you have launched   EC2 instances  from Amazon Machine Images  ( AMI ) , you might have  seen that the size of the root partition ( / ) is only  10GB  for all  the instances . So to test if  we can have more than 10GB for  root partition ,  we tried  the following Read more…