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Iozone – file system benchmark quick installation

Iozone – open source file system benchmarking tool is a handy tool which  lets you to inspect  filesystem performance like read, write, rewrite, random read etc etc. Major UNI*X flavours and even Microsfot Windows is supported.

Iozone graph - file system benchmark

This is a quick how to on installation and usage on Redhat flavor Linux & MacOS.



Installation steps

  1. Download the rpm source fro the Iozone from the following link or enter the follwing command at the command prompt
wget http://www.iozone.org/src/current/iozone-3-338.i386.rpm
  1. install Iozone using the following command
rpm -ivh /path/to/iozone-3-338.i386.rpm

Now the filesystem benchmarking tool is installed. To verify the installation you can find the files of Iozone tool in the directory /opt/iozone/

Plotting graphs from Iozone analysis results

For the plotting of a graph you should ensure that gnuplot is already installed in your machine. Gnuplot is a command-driven opensource function plotting tool. If it isn’t installed you may install it using the following command

yum install gnuplot

After ensuring that you have got gnuplot installed. Lets try plotting the analysis of the Iozone tool on a graph. Here we will analyze the filesystem with in auto mode. Run th iozone command and redirect its output to a file.

/opt/iozone/bin/iozone -a -g 4m > /tmp/test_analysis

In the above command we have set the maximum size of a file for auto mode  to 4mb with -g option. For brief study about Iozone commands use

/opt/iozone/bin/iozone -h

To generate the graph there is another command which is installed with the iozone tool ie Generate_Graphs. To plot the graph use the following commands

/opt/iozone/bin/Generate_Graphs /tmp/test_analysis

A new window will pop up with the plotted graph of the write performance. At the command line if you hit enter then new graph is plotted fro the rewrite performance. Thus there will be graph plotted for many IO performances as you hit enter each time. Evaluate the required IO performances from the set of graphs depending on the application that you are planning to deploy.


If you have brew installed, its as simple as

brew install iozone

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