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Upgrading Rocket Chat

This is a very quick post. Many organizations are using Rocket chat as the slack / IRC alternative.

One important point that is not often documented is the upgrade. We ourselves ran into issues with Node.js errors, Meteror errors etc multiple times.

Here is how we can upgrade without breaking anything.

take a backup of the installation directory

cd /home/rocket
su -l rocket
cp -rfp Rocket.chat backups/date +%F

Assuming that backups are kept in /home/rocket/backups and db backups are in /home/rocket/backups/db

cd backups/db
rm -rf /home/rocket/Rocket.chat

#get the new version

cd /home/rocket
curl -L https://rocket.chat/releases/latest/download -o rocket.chat.tgz
tar xf rocket.chat.tgz
mv bundle Rocket.chat

install dependencies

(cd /home/rocket/Rocket.chat/programs/server && npm install )

All set to start the new server, migrate the dabase etc.

cd /home/rocket/Rocket.chat
node main .js

The last step performs upgrade and maintenance of the db scheme. With most of the versions this method will work.

It is assumed that the user rocket is the user under which Rocket.chat is installed.

Further, the server is running as a service which was done with :

sudo forever-service install -s main.js -e "ROOT_URL=https://chat.agileblaze.net/ MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/rocketchat PORT=3000" rocketchat